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1stWebBrowser for Linux

Screen shots of 1WB4Linux

Screen shots of TAP program and some description below picture. Screen capture size slightly reduced. Most of these pictures are valid examples with 1stWebBrowser for Windows as well. History and setting menu can also be used without connection to computer.

1stWebBrowser - Linux folder with Lynx

Picture: List of contents of USB HDD folder with Lynx. Link to HTML page selected and OK button has been pressed. Progress bar is shown. This will open file "ajhfi - 1stWebBrowser for Topfield.htm" to be viewed in Topfield.


1stWebBrowser for Topfield - History with Linux access

Picture: History with older pages at end of list and latest at top. Link to folder selected. This can be useful to go back to interesting place.


1stWebBrowser for Topfield - Setting menu

Picture: Started testing idea of flexible setting menu, but still work to do.


1stWebBrowser for Topfield - Background color

Picture: Background color setting is the only one working today. Implementation will be different than seen in this example. Edges are kind of blue/green. Save does not do anything today.


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