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1stWebBrowser link to Google Translator

1stWebBrowser link to Google Translator (1WB2Translator) is documented procedure to automatically translate web page seen with 1stWebBrowser for Topfield TAP. Google has again made suprisingly flexible and good web service.

This is able to change text of web page from one language to other. Result is not perfect, but it is free, live and automatic service. From English original to other widely spoken language it seems to work well. But for example with Finnish the result seems to be clumsy. When the original page is well written the translation works more reliably.

Those who want to see now what it looks like go to my Frontpage and try yourself. Then go to my Links page and test e.g. with TF5800 pages or other English links you can find through there.

Google Translator with link from 1WB TAP

I was able to use Google Translator with 1stWebBrowser for Windows. Text seems also to work with 1stWebBrowser for Linux.

1. Open link with web browser in your computer:

Google Translator

2. Translate to language of your choice. Most European languages should work, but limited to picture with something like Russian, Greek or Korean... 

3. On top of text right click - Add to Favorites.

4. Copy the short cut from Favorite to Topfield. 

5. Open it with 1stWebBrowser for Topfield TAP.

To save favorite web links in 1WB press FAV just after accepting link with OK.

NOTE: Opening later on there will be short start page. With first page you might need to select link below Translate couple of times.

The text pages have dual language, original and translated language. The picture has translated language as seen in IE.

The procedure was tested with links made with IE8 and IE7. (Earlier I have also tested 1WB with links made using IE6.)

I made also some links with Firefox 3.6, Chromium 7 and Opera 11.7. Exported them to HTML file in computer HDD. Open file from computer with 1WB TAP and continue by selecting the link.

Sure you can edit 1stWebBrowser Home page.txt or other and insert the link to there. Copy back to Toppy.

It is also possible to translate single word or sentence in your computer:


Google blog

Translator API service was too popular. But translate service seems to be still supported. It can be used with public web pages.


Google Mobilizer

I added also Mobilizer link to my Frontpage. It might be useful with some mobile devices. In some cases to see begin of page you need to press link on top of page (Mene sivulle yksi - Go to page 1).

This seems to be working faster with Android default browser (Defy).

It seems to be able to convert web PDF to text. That seems to be able to give PDF support for 1stWebBrowser also.



I was also testing Instapaper. Links of page open original page.  

Test Frontpage with Instapaper


Print view

To print the actual page you can open page without menus with printer icon located in the bottom of side bar menu.


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