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Main features of 1WB

1stWebBrowser for Topfield

Topfield Application Program (TAP) for Topfield TF5000 series PVRs. You can use it like simple web browser to select hyperlink to open text, pictures, audio and video.

With Archive button you can select file to be viewed. File can be also short cut or link to file in other folder.

Thanks for all your comment of previous version.

1stWebBrowser for Linux

Text based browsing with hyperlinks can be used to access files in internal and USB hard drives of Linux computer.

Lynx web browser is used to print page to text file with hyperlinks. If computer is connected to internet also web pages can be browsed.

1stWebBrowser for Windows

If you like solving puzzles try installing this. The pieces of the puzzle are free programs. Installing is not especially difficult but it takes more than couple steps. And then some if you want more.

Web content can be text, pictures and audio. Recorded video clips from USB hard disk can be viewed with Topfield. Copy recordings from Topfield to computer using TAP.

1stWebBrowser link to Google Translator

Automatically translate web pages seen with 1stWebBrowser TAP. This will change text of web page from one language to other. Also the pages linked there will be translated.

Using Linux service you can get web page with original and translated text when with Windows service you can get also real look of page translated to language of your choice.

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