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1stWebBrowser for Topfield

1stWebBrowser for Topfield (1WB4Topfield) can be used like simple web browser by selecting link to open text pages, pictures, audio and video.

When using 1stWebBrowser for Topfield TAP, connection to your computer or Internet is not required, although you might find it useful.

This is small Topfield Application Program (TAP) for Topfield TF5000 series PVRs.

Favorite links can be easily saved and accessed later on. You can also use Archive button to select file to be viewed.

1stWebBrowser - Readme

Picture: 1WB screen capture, size slightly reduced.


New features:

  • Quick help banner (user editable)
  • Short cut can be used to open: text pages, pictures, audio and video
  • Short cut number buttons (user editable)
  • History of previously selected links and previous session
  • Toggle for adaptive move mode
  • Many minor fixes and changes
  • Easy to install

Contents of previous version in E_n_g_l_i_s_h.

Aikaisemman version sisältö s_u_o_m_e_k_s_i.

Innehåll av tidigare version på s_v_e_n_s_k_a.

Inhalt der vorherigen Version auf D_e_u_t_s_c_h.


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